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ELEVATE your choice for family empowerment


Some History

You may be more familiar with the name “Family-Life Resource Center” or (going back even further in our history) “The Mommy Market.” ELEVATE is that same great ministry with an updated name for today’s young families.

What is ELEVATE?

ELEVATE is an incentive, faith-based parenting and family-life education program.

Who can enroll?

-Pregnant women

-Parents with diaper-age children

-Others caring for diaper-age children (relatives, grandparents, guardians)

How does it work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.) Learn (education online and on-site)

2.) Earn (participation POINTS)

3.) Shop (spend your points in Baby Boutique)


Learn and Earn

Incentive POINTS are earned in a variety of ways through ELEVATE’s educational classes and other healthy, family enhancing programs such as:

-Educational classes for moms and dads

-Discussion groups

-Mom’s Bible Study

-One-on-one mentoring

-Special workshops and life skills classes (Lamaze, cooking/nutrition, budgeting, etc.)


Shop the Baby Boutique

The Boutique offers a variety of maternity and baby clothing, diapers, gear, and other essentials.

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